Erik and Maddie | September 22nd, 2013 | McMenamin’s Imbrie Hall

These two are awesome. Just pure and simple awesome. I went to Junior High with Maddie from 6th to 8th grade and we were great friends then. When I saw her again and met Erik for the first time, it was like we were all back in Junior High. Except we weren’t really giggling and my voice wasn’t cracking, and I brought a notepad to the meeting versus my Spongebob binder that I may have had. We also met at the cafe in Whole Foods versus our parents dropping us off at the mall. So I guess you could say we have grown up a little.

Maddie called me about doing her wedding sometime in 2012 and I was so excited that an old friend had asked me to do her wedding. The day was great, the sun came out just at the right time and the light was so beautiful for their portraits. It may have rained a little during the ceremony and reception, but everyone was too busy having a great time singing, dancing, drinking and eating delicious cake. Thank you Maddie and Erik for such an awesome day!

January 16, 2014 - 12:33 PM

Dave Powell - Brilliant photography. Just stunning. Well done.

Dave Powell

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