Danielle and Chris | Ranch at the Canyon | Sneak Peak

I’m seriously too eager to post some of the pictures from Danielle and Chris’ wedding from this past weekend. If you read before here, I went to middle school, high school and college with Danielle, so it was an incredible experience to see her get married to one of the finest men I know. After the ceremony, I hugged her and I choked up, but I kept it together because I was shooting. All-in-all, it was just plain awesome. More to come. Please stay tuned.


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Sam and Stephanie | Hotel Ballard | Seattle

July 31, 2014 - 2:33 PM

Elizabeth Moore - Wow, what a beautiful couple and wedding! You take such amazing photos!

August 1, 2014 - 7:56 AM

Sara May - Session seems so fun… The lights were amazing. I love those black and white shots, looks so classic and elegant.

August 1, 2014 - 7:59 AM

ondro - supernice shots! those american weddings are so different to ours here in germany.

the best shot is the last on the terasse! awesome light balance!


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Cole and Claire | Seattle

Woah. Wow. Holy Moly. Those were the words that were said by me and many of the guests at Cole and Claire’s wedding. I think that “mah goodness” was another phrase that was said. These two have style. These two have class. Cole looked like a dashing 1930′s dapper gentleman, and Claire looked (and still is) like a timeless beauty in her incredible dress. They were both just beautiful.

Cole and Claire have a baby along the way, and it should be coming near the end of July. They actually have bets in place to see which day the baby will arrive (I don’t know if there is any $$$ involved). That baby is going to be good lookin kid, I tell ya.

I was fortunate enough to get booked by these two and when we had our skype meeting, I knew we would be a good fit. They were theeeee kindest people I have ever met. It really helps when people are kind, you know? Anyway, the day was gorgeous, even though it was in SEATTLE (hello? rain city!) and it was in April! (hello?? april showers bring….blah blah blah). The day was perfect as you can probably see by the pictures below. So sit back, relax, scroll, drink some coffee/tea (but no coffee if you’re pregnant, I heard that was bad for you) and soak in the sun from this incredible day. Thank you Cole and Claire for trusting me with your wedding day!

Venue/Reception (this place was amazing. book a dinner here for the most incredible meal of your life): Canlis

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